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Soul Contract

1. Who are you?

2. What are you putting an end to?

3. What do you refuse to accept?

4. What do you take responsibility for?

5. What do you want your life to be about?

6. What will you stand for?

7. What are you taking on next?

8. What are you promising?

An exercise I use with my clients in the initial phases of Emotional Processing, these questions require a great deal of inward focus and thoughtful reflection. The options for answering are open to interpretation, responding in prose, verse, or any unique form of expression you may find appropriate in defining your inner environment. To take an honest, personal inventory of precisely where you are at the moment, copy and paste these questions into your own document and give yourself freely to the inspiration flowing forth from each question. Oftentimes, we can be surprised with what we may discover about ourselves.

I am a daughter of creation dedicated to giving my life to the Greater Purpose ingrained within me designed to serve the Higher Universal Meaning outside of myself. I’ve not yet fully developed an awareness of what exactly that Higher Universal Meaning is, but I see enough of the Cosmic response in my daily life to know exactly where I’m going.

Revealed in the clarity and intensity of my growing awareness

I Have Discovered Myself in the daily practice of my sitting meditation.

The results have been profound

Speaking to me from beyond the bounds of my own conscious awareness, suddenly appearing in the Peace of mind and utter stillness that I feel

In the moment I catch the intensity of fragmented sunlight

Reflecting upon the computer screen caught against the isolated face

Of the cut mineral strung between the apex of my collar bones.

Such a delicate awareness, but one that reveals the power meditation has cultivated in my ability to perceive the world around me as well as the capacity dwelling Within my own inner being.

I’ve committed myself to putting an end to self-limitation. If the world wasn’t barricaded by the fragments of self-limiting beliefs, what sort of paradise would each of us ultimately create? In my own life, self-limitation is revealed only in its removal, finally facing the deeply rooted tendencies that have cemented me into the person I was refusing to adapt in accommodation with the ever-evolving flow of the Universe. Love used to be an emotion I craved so intensely that I buried its very existence within the deepest depths dwelling within the most silent whispers of my soul, even I wasn’t able to access its reaches. The courage to tap into this sacred place within me was required to discover the great wealth of love I’ve been withholding from myself, a self-imposed limitation that kept me from truly becoming the person I am capable of being. Until I allowed the love for myself to emerge, I was unable to give myself the life I deserved, perceive my experiences to the truest extent, or connect with the world through an authentic intention. Loving myself has given me the permission I needed to begin living a life of fulfillment.

I refuse to accept excuses or complaining. Both reveal a lack of self-respect and ultimately, self-love. As a recovering Dismissor of Love, I have to ardently protect my soft spots, this means surrounding myself with those who support my ongoing recovery and promote my commitment to cultivate a world flushed with Loving Awareness.

I take responsibility for creating my life and the person I am choosing to become. These products are very much a developing work of active progress and I realize it is my job to control the course of unfolding. Free will gives me the invariable right to control the things I can and to surrender to those I cannot. The current state of my life exists from the singular source of my own doing alleviated by the helping hand of Universal Consciousness at play.

My life is a stark reflection of the values I uphold. Above all else, Love. I now love who I am. Love has been such a sacred word that it was disconnected from the term used publicly or socially and buried within me so as not to be sullied by the commonplace. But then, I exposed a piece of my heart and allowed myself to be seen, I finally stopped my obsessive pursuit of progress, stepped into the light, and threw down my baggage. I’m now observing the gifts emerging reaped as rewards for my willingness to Dig Deep and change, a life met with interactive responses leading me closer to the path I’ve been working to begin traveling.

I stand for courage. Courage is the change I’ve found in my life that has opened the connection to the Greater Intelligence that has brought new life to my world. While the responding course of events following my transformation may be meaningless, in the context of my current life endeavors wading into the waters of spiritual development and personal betterment, I happen to believe my newfound visual acuity and rewarding sequence of surpises come from a deeper connection I’m cultivating through my practices of meditation and deep personal reflection. Digging Deep is the simplest label for my recent change of heart into redesigning my world, a product of substantial excavation, ruthless self-interrogation, and brutal authenticity under the light of my burning curiosity to understand my Why as well as my How so I can redirect the courses in place determining my What, my Where, my When, and ultimately, my Who. The answer to all of these questions makes up the material of my cumulative life experience, all that I’ve earned through the course of well-applied discipline and shrewdly executed precision of intent, two things I’ve only begun practicing in the creation of my life but two things that have produced greater results than any methods my past has ever witnessed.

Curiosity used to be a word that helped described me, now, it embodies me. My next endeavor is contained within my tomorrow, everyday looking forward to seeking whatever lies within my coming journey.

I promise myself truth, truth to my word, truth to my dreams, and above all, truth to myself. My life deserves this promise and I will continue my journey bettering myself and promoting life in the world around me.

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